François Vatel

Where can the name Au Petit Vatel come from? Nobody really dares to refer to the great VATEL, character that marks the History in the time of King Louis XIV. Vatel was not a cook, but general of the house and property of the Prince de Conde; A sort of superintendent. In February 1671, he asked him to organize the passage of King Louis XIV in his castle of Chantilly and to do everything possible to receive this host so prestigious. It is a mission that will bring a heavy workload and consequence for Vatel. Day arrives at the castle.

On April 11, after spending 11 days and 12 nights preparing everything and checking both the reception and the kitchen for the King and his Court, a misunderstanding will slip for the last meal that the King liked to call the « dinner » But that corresponds to ou

r lunch today. In the morning, Vatel sees two fish baskets arrive and forgets that he ordered it in several places given the importance of the guests. The image of an intolerable vision settles in his brain: the Prince mad with anger will dismiss him before the King. Vatel rises in his room and commits suicide with a sword that sinks into his heart. A quarter of an hour after the drama, ten charges of fish arrive in the kitchen. Vatel is searched, but he is found dead covered with blood. This epilogue marks how much know-how can mark a person. (From a document written by george and Germaine blond)

The Chef

Mr. Fulep, chef and owner of Au Petit Vatel Restaurant since 2001
After having been a modern counter and a café-restaurant, the Restaurant Au Petit Vatel owes its name to Mr. Lemonnier in 1939. Mr. Ernandès arrives from the Vosges in 1951 to begin with him and will take over the restaurant in 1952 until 1971, Where he will be struck by a heart attack.

Her daughter Carole will hold the « Maison » with her husband and Mr. Lerat, who began with Mr. Ernandès as a broom at age 14 ½ and will continue his apprenticeship in cooking with this great cook of the time. In 1979 Mr. Lerat took over the restaurant in his name until February 2001. From March 2001 until today, Madame and Mr FULEP Jean-Pierre are at your service to accompany you to your table.

Opening Time

Monday 12 pm-1.15pm / 7.15 pm - 9.15 pm

Tuesday Closed (Opening possible if group) / Closed

Wednesday Closed

Thurday 12 pm-1.15pm / 7.15 pm - 9.15 pm

Friday 12 pm-1.15pm / 7.15 pm - 9.15 pm

Saturday 12 pm-1.15pm / 7.15 pm - 9.15 pm

Sunday 12 pm-1.15pm / Closed


Au Petit Vatel

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