A menu based on the market of the moment and the inspiration of the Chef.if time is counted at lunch, thank you to inform us at the time of the order, we will endeavor to meet your deadlines.

‘Simplicity & Inspiration‘

A menu that revolves around the market of the moment, and the inspiration of the Chef

Starter In Choice

Terrine of Rabbit, Compote From Prunes

Cider Vinegar Salad, Crispy at the Norman Cheeses

Starter According to the Market Opportunities

Dish In Choice

The dish of the Day

Fool the Leash of Turkey Sauce Vallée d’Auge, Broccoli Puree

Market’s Fish, Coulis of Tomatoes, Flan of Leeks

Beefsteak with Mixed Vegetable

Cheese In Choice

Cheese tray

White Cheese with Fresh Cream

Dessert In Choice

Chocolate Cake, Coulis Banana and Avocado

Ice Creams and Sorbets

 Charlotte with Apples and Calvados


« Etoile 8 Branches* »

— 18.90 € —

Starter + Hot Dish


Hot Dish + Cheese Or Dessert

 1/2 Water Or Glass 12,5 cl

of Wine



« Mosaique »

— 22 € —


 Hot Dish

 Cheese Or



« Couronne »

— 26.50 € —


 Hot Dish




*Menu served lunch and dinner on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays No served on Special days

Au Petit Vatel where simplicity meets Gastronomy

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